Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn flowers

Autumn flowers
Autumn, with its ocher colors and fallen leaves, with their gray days that are becoming increasingly shorter, is an ideal time to fill your home with flowers bright and colorful.
Here we reveal to you which species are best suited for these months and how to care  them.

Yes, flowers raise people's morale and give positive energy to any environment. This fall, fill your home with flowers and enjoy with your family this gift of nature.

Recommended flowers for fall:

Violet: Grows well with an average temperature of 18 ยบ C. Because it is a indoor or terrace flower, prefers indirect light. Water it every day but avoid that the leaves come into contact with water.

Dahlia: Resists perfectly to fall since it is not too cold, as it does not tolerate frost. It is an outdoor plant that needs to receive direct sun to bloom. Try to water it every day.

Chrysanthemum: Need light and water to flourish. If you put the flower inside, try to place it near a window where it will receive direct sunlight.

Sunflower: Since receiving a good deal of light and water, will fill your garden or terrace of golden tones. You just have to avoid exposing them to high and direct winds.

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